London Film Awards

2015 London Film Award Winners

London Film Awards Winners truly represent the best of the independent film and screenwriting. The London Film Awards proudly recognizes the Gold Lion Award Winners of the 2015 film and sceenplay competitions.

Grand Jury Prize

Above & Below Gallapagos National Park
Directed by Florian Fischer & Michael Kugler

Special Jury Prize

Directed by Neil Mcenery West

Best Feature Film

Where Hearts Lie
Directed by Tony Lindsay

Best Short Film

Directed by Matthew Charof

Best Experimental Film

Berlin Layers of Movement
Directed by Natascha Kuederli

Best Animated Film

Cheese Dog: The Movie
Directed by Justin Ulloa & Jamie Dwyer

Best Screenplay

Directed by Candice Carella

Best Documentary Feature

Grandes Alpes
Directed by Andreas Bucher & Anne Weberling

Best Documentary Short

Earlsfield Boxing Club
Directed by Joshua Osborne

Best British Film

Life on the Streets
Directed by Simon Waller

Best Director

Land of Smiles
Directed by Bradley Stryker

Cinematic Vision Award

Tea by the Lake
Directed by Florian Fischer & Michael Kugler

Best First-Time Director

The Weirdo Hero
Directed by Ryan Curtis

Best Actor

Byron McNally in Gas
Directed by Ian Buchan

Best Actress

Maryam Tarami in February
Directed by Siar Sedig

Best Supporting Actor

Taylor Negron in Alienated
Directed by Brian Ackley

Best Supporting Actor

Siff Andersson in Harvest
Directed by Kim SÌünderholm & Martin Sonntag

Best Web Video

The Spell Tutor
Directed by Herman Wang

Best Student Film

Directed by Connor Coolbear

Best Music Video

The Ice Cream Song
Directed by Melanie Camp

Official Finalists

White Summer directed by Ryan J. Smith
On Flying Water directed by Dominique Monfery
The Unexpected Refugee directed by Ihab Mokayed
Appalachia - Mountaintop to Moonscape directed by Alan Gignoux
In Ribbons directed by Marie-Valerie Jeantelot
Love Anything directed by Etienne Theytaz
Tai Chi directed by Sheng Fei, Rosen Andonov
What I Like directed by Roland Walters
The Man With Four Legs directed by Ed Christmas
Granny Smith directed by Julian Lucas
Good Harald directed by Paul Johannessen
A Family Supper directed by Rodrigo Marques Mendes , Ernest Tu
This is Only Temporary directed by Soni Mizrahi & Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett
Little Bird directed by Alfred Vean
The Watcher Self directed by Matt Cruse
The Story of 90 Coins directed by Michael Wong & Gao Xiaofei
Speedwriting directed by Michael Russnow

Feature Screenplay Competition Winners 

Grand Prize Winner
La Tierra Que Yo Amo written by Jonathan LaPoma & Natalia Porras Sivolobova

Second Place
Reuben The Hood written by Aisling Corristine

Third Place
Your Friends at True Matchmaking written by Martin Ponferrada

Fourth Place
Pixer Knows! written by Caroline Farrell

Fifth Place
Please, Gentlemen, Ask Me Who I Am written by Cinzia Gagliardi 

Official Finalists

The White Alphabet written by Massimo Saverio Maida
24-Hour Doorman written by Gregory P. Wolk
Saving Samantha written by Wynn Reichert
Unaccompanied Minor written by Kitania Kavey
Cell Out written by Mitch Emoff

Honorable Mentions 

J'ai Malchance written by Todd Selleck
The Slider written by L. Filippo Santaniello
Pause written by Tom Harrison
The Time Hunters written by Carl Ashmore
Can Richard Come Out and Play? written by Richard Knapp

Short Screenplay Competition Winners 

Grand Prize Winner
Intervention written by Jim Archer

Second Place
Baggage written by Andrea Behring

Third Place
Binary written by Eoin Maher

Fourth Place
Rascals written by Tomasz Cichoã & Katarzyna liwiãska Kâosowicz

Fifth Place
Now and at the Hour written by Wilfred Tangid

Official Finalists 

The Perfect Body written by Ross Somerville
Jackpot written by Emily Komiyama
A Change of Tapestry written by Alkyoni Valsari, Kristen Ross
Dakota Caves - 2 Miles written by Robert Rogers
Doorlocker written by Tony DiSibio

Best First-Time Writer 

First Place Winner
Howler written by Sydney Lloyd Smith

Second Place
Rosie written by Tibo Torelli

Third Place
Megaphone written by Tom Harrison

Fourth Place
Besties written by Kel Burchette

Fifth Place
Robo4ce written by Jeffrey Howe

Official Finalists 

The Charlottetown Jackhammer Imbroglio written by Marc Lalonde
The Accidental Angel written by Oren Weitz
A Labour of Love written by Olga Holtz
The Princess, the Queen, and Ivan the Terrible written by Amy Gerber-Stroh
Mule written by Suzanne McAuley

Best Television Pilot

First Place Winner
Quarry written by Aisling Corristine

Second Place
Runner written by Edward Robinson

Third Place
Craggy Lodge, Episode 01 "The Green Circle" written by L.D. Van Cleave

Fourth Place
Sandwich written by Deborah Klika

Fifth Place
Professor Isle's Laboratory written by Lance Barnett

Official Finalists

Snoop written by Ande Case
Mythplaced written by Travis Pulchinski, Daumoun Khakpour
Waterloo TV Pilot written by Chuck Griffith
Hell Hound: The Legend of Robert Johnson written by Giancarlo Fusi
The Prince written by Kimber Helms & Yolanda Tropea