London Film Awards

2016 London Film Award Winners

London Film Awards Winners truly represent the best of the independent film and screenwriting. The London Film Awards proudly recognizes the Gold Lion Award Winners of the 2016 film and sceenplay competitions.

Grand Jury Prize

Shoot Me Nicely directed by Elias Plagianos

Special Jury Prize

The Pit directed by Kari Hennig

Best Feature Film

Vancouver Rhapsody directed by Betty Jiang

Best Short Film

Kid Gloves directed by Julia Hart

Best Experimental Film

Break Into Your House directed by Vitor Guerra

Best Animated Film

Agrinoui directed by Alexis Chaviaras

Best Screenplay

The Last Beautiful Girl directed by James Christopher

Best Documentary Feature

The Caravan Film directed by Margot McMaster

Best Documentary Short

From Footy to Verdi directed by Michael Volpe

Best British Film

Seat 25 directed by Nicholas Agnew

Best Director

Neon directed by Mark J. Blackman

Cinematic Vision Award

Albert directed by Miranda Howard-Williams

Best First-Time Director

When The Sun Shines directed by Frederik Barington

Best Actor

Rodrigo Lopresti in 4am Redmond & Meda

Best Actress

Katie Quinn in Northern Lights directed by Nicholas Connor

Best Supporting Actor

Patrick Gibson in Property of the State directed by Kit Ryan

Best Supporting Actress

Tasie Lawrence in Shoot Me Nicely directed by Elias Plagianos

Best Television Commercial

Cloud Network directed by Michael Cristian Greene

Best Television Pilot

That's Love directed by Will Herbert

Best Student Film

Hunter directed by Phillip Klimek, Nick Kozakis

Best Music Video

War & Peace directed by Mojtaba Yari

Official Finalists

Hall of Mirrors directed by Daniel York
Easy directed by Luke J. Baker
The Big Flip--Stories from the Modern Home Front directed by Isabella Vincent Chan
Ridden by Nature directed by Kathi Von Koerber
Glamour & Glitz! directed by Matthew Weekes
Requiem for 1945ers directed by Miwa Ono
Made In Taiwan directed by Jonny Moore, Leonora Moore
Reckless directed by Adrian Tang
Jewels directed by Matty Groves
Headz directed by Robert H. Wainwright
Backseat directed by Dann Emmons
You Are My World directed by Jiaojiao Wang
The Victorious directed by Chris Anstey
Vienna table trip directed by Virgil Widrich
Feeder directed by Colette Freedman, Christian Kennedy

Feature Screenplay Competition Winners 

Grand Prize Winner
A Noble Truth written by Jonathan LaPoma

Second Place
23 Hours written by Wynn Reichert

Third Place
The Grocer written by Michael Bierman

Fourth Place
Ben London written by Guy Polin

Fifth Place
For Later Times written by Miguel Ramirez

Official Finalists

Admiral Lord Nelson written by Michael Rights
Mignonette written by Ali Hughes
Dizzy Izzy written by Rizwanul Haq
The Devil Wind written by Jamie Sutliff
Portrait of Love written by Mary Anzalone

Honorable Mentions 

Psyche written by Timothy Charles Melkus
The Experiment written by Jeffrey Allen Russel and Lynda Lemberg
Resurrection Time Conspiracy written by James Carroll
Loves Terms written by Lance Barnett
The Conspirators written by John Owen Theobald

Short Screenplay Competition Winners 

Grand Prize Winner
US Navy Cine-Kodak written by Stephen M. Hunt

Second Place
Blue Moon Cafe written by Mark Cowan

Third Place
Destination written by Chris McShane

Fourth Place
Brighter Later written by Paul Sandell

Fifth Place
Loop 5 written by Todd Lowery

Official Finalists 

In the Name of God written by Ismail Yildiran
Social Contagion written by Tracey Maye
Bio written by Fergal O'Byrne
Rodeo Food written by Mary Anzalone
Note to Self written by H. M. Mirza

Best First-Time Writer 

First Place Winner
Jump The Bucket written by Tim Mayfield

Second Place
The Mystery of the Jebusite Tattoo written by Catherine Lilai

Third Place
Entanglement written by Jonathan Fear

Fourth Place
The Abandoned Isle written by Ana Quinata

Fifth Place
The Preachers Stare in Times Square written by Harry Seddon

Official Finalists 

The Mary Jane Girls written by Heidi Kozak
Entrusted written by Stephen Willis
Born 1900 written by Gabriel Ritter
I Love You Kristi Miller written by Scott Martin
Mad Dash written by William Leonard

Best Television Pilot

First Place Winner
Tree House written by Jay Mullings

Second Place
Green and Gold written by Christina Clark

Third Place
The Lottery of Life written by Marina Eve

Fourth Place
Deli Takeout written by Jim Norman

Fifth Place
Alexander the Great written by Anthony Liakopoulos

Official Finalists

Knights of Podil written by Maksym Tkachuk
Luna written by Krystle Houiess, Sharif Abdunnur, Laure Chamoun
David and Lesbian Cat: Figs to Midterms written by Miriam Akhavan-Tafti

Best Stage Plays 

First Place Winner
A Novel Approach written by Mary Anzalone

Second Place
Bon Aire written by Susan Hippen

Third Place
The Rooster Rebellion written by Anthony L. Mariani

Fourth Place
Tea for Two written by Mary Anzalone

Fifth Place
Two Merchants of Venice written by Stephen M. Hunt