Action movies are some of the most enormous and a spectacle which people all around the world are looking to make most out of it. These small thriller stories can beat anyone’s heart and blood boiling. Today, the action movies when it comes to the fan base and following has grown exponentially. Here are some movies that had made 2019 a spectacular one.

John Wick: Chapter 3

John Wick is one of the most successful franchises which has helped everyone get together to make it the hit that it is today. This is a story of an assassin who is one the run which is coming in the theatre with a story that can get you the best action sequences. This is the continuation of the franchise of the same name where Wick is labelled the “Excommunicado”, and it moves on to get help from some of his friends in the business. Keanu Reeves character has gotten into everyone’s heart as John Wick, and with each franchise, he has met the expectations of the movie goes.

The standoff at Sparrow Creek

This is a movie which has taken on the value of restraints and created a mass shooting at a police funeral. This a films which can get any gun lover hooked as the movie revolves around the stock of deadly weapons which a group of men have their hands on. The rest of the story is the conspiracy revolving around it and the thrill that it creates. This has a lot of personalities that get you drawn to certain aspects of these men and allows you to squirm and tick almost instantly.


This is a story which revolves around grey clouds and how the designs are being constant with the rain. The umbrella is supposed to be the last line of defence which can get everyone hooked on to it. The movie is a visual treat, and with the addition of deadly weapons and shooting boomerangs, it transforms you to the place itself. There is a lot of influence from the Shakespearean saga which has a lot of intrigue, vengeance and other secret doppelgangers which is set in the China’s Three Kingdoms period. The brave commander is actually a shadow which is replaced during the time of crisis and also has the scheme to bring down the real commander Yu.


This is a film which combines bloody prison drama with a guy which is from the rich-esque person underworld. There are many absurd action sequence which can get you through the movie and can allow you to enjoy as well. The character appears to have metal grill teeth and gnarly scars on his face but going back to the backstory of these people and getting an emotional touch to it as well.