London Film Awards

2018 London Film Award Winners

London Film Awards Winners truly represent the best of the independent film and screenwriting. The London Film Awards proudly recognizes the Gold Lion Award Winners of the 2018 Film and Screenplay competitions.

Grand Jury Prize

Bikini Blue directed by Jarek Marszewski

Special Jury Prize

My View: Clem Burke directed by Philip Sansom

Best Experimental Film

LILT directed by Josiah Cuneo

Best Animated Film

Unexpected Discoveries directed by James Mabery

Best Screenplay

Binding Destiny directed by Zhenhua Xu, XiaoXiao Xu

Best Documentary Feature

Red Light Solo directed by Ryan J. Smith

Best Documentary Short

Every Day the Same Thing directed by William Bloomfield

Best British Film

B is for Bully directed by Denise Francis

Best Director

ultravoKal directed by Christophe Karabache

Cinematic Vision Award

The Revenge of Phantom Knight directed by David SHAO

Best First-Time Director

Ready to Go directed by lynda reiss

Best Actor

Raresh DiMofte in Polymorphia directed by Bernardo Villarreal

Best Actress

Jules Koroleva in Karma Dog directed by Jules Koroleva

Best Feature

Betrayed directed by Harley Wallen

Best Short

End Of The Night directed by Tavit Melikian

Best Supporting Actor

Victor Rebengiuc in Octav directed by Serge Ioan Celebidachi

Best Supporting Actress

Maria Obretin in Octav directed by Serge loan Celebidachi

Best Television Commercial

Own The Day directed by Matthew Al Bauer

Best Television Pilot

Bob's New Roomates directed by Will De Arenas

Best Student Film

Towards the Sun directed by Monica Santis

Best Music Video

Unhappy Holiday directed by Anna Haas

Best Web Video

Rebecca Gold directed by Ian Diaz

Official Finalists

BLUE directed by Gabriela Ledesma
Min Min and The Magic Garden directed by Dave Penn, Jeremiah Baumbach
Dead Unicorns directed by Ian Fielding
The Silent Glow - Recovering the Present directed by Anja Krug-Metzinger
WATER directed by Jim Wilmer
Grief directed by Dante Russo
Borderline directed by Anna Alfieri
Deep Blue She #Mutiny2Unity #MeToo WeMix directed by Tanuja Desai Hidier
TOREN directed by Nawzad Shekhany
Close Shave directed by John D. Freyer

Feature Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Award

The Proper Study of Zanny Stone written by Rob Weinstein

Second Place 

Bombed Out written by Peter Alan Lloyd

Third Place 
Bathe With Me One More Time written by Kamila Stopyra
Fourth Place
The Hagiographer written by Marios Piperides
Fifth Place

Rushing Witness written by Tuvia Solomon

Official Finalists

God Is Not Purple written by Matt Pacini
Sisters written by James Wilsher
Sociopath written by Jacqueline Marett
CENSORED written by Ann Weed
The Paul Bearers written by Jonathan Hall
Beyond the Wanderwall written by Georgette Alfred
CAR HEROIN TRAIN written by Virginia Austin
The Burying Party written by Richard Weston & Laurence Thompson
Helen on 86th St. written by Nicole Kempskie
Glory Season written by Mark Hedges

Honorable Mentions

Behind the Badge written by John Martins III
Painted Sharks written by Brian Lutes
Rewriting the Game written by Gregory Czaiczynski
The Coldest Horizon written by Jeffrey Howe
Rogue's Coward written by Robert J. Rogers
Hick written by M.J. Moneymaker
THE VACATIONERS written by Grant L Taylor, Daniel Lawrence Abrams
The Odyssey of Homer Ledbetter written by Don Willis
Tornado Rider Rhodes written by stevie T
The Eternal Madness Of The Mind written by Keyser Khan

Short Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Award

Cherry Glazed written by Christine Sherwood

Second Place 

Big Break written by Miranda Sen

Third Place 
The End written by Derek Schillings
Fourth Place
Coffee With Andre written by Miriam Akhavan-Tafti
Fifth Place
Spokke written by Shaun Lowthian, Tim Grewcock

Official Finalists

Masqued written by Joe Ferrera
Freedom pass written by Hamish Nichols, Hamish Nichols
A POLAR BEAR written by Salar Fallahian
My Week with Maisy written by Mark Oxtoby
To live beyond his means written by Torikai Fujio
Nan written by Emily Fairweather
Definetly Soy written by George Zouvelos
The Cage written by Lucas Jatoba
The Yearbook written by Jim Norman
The Visitor written by Nathan Feldman

Best First-Time Writer

Grand Prize Award

Zero Tolerance written by Zander Buckley

Second Place 

Vasco Junior written by Natalia Anderson

Third Place 
Uncle Frits written by Charles DeRykus
Fourth Place
Spring Heeled Jack written by Abel Diaz
Fifth Place

The Buchenwald Bear written by David Stein

Official Finalists

The Route written by Alican Serbest
The Contest written by Scott Hurley
Mary written by Amanda Dettrick
On Your Toes written by Penelope Levitt
Split Ends written by Grahame Menage
Yes&No written by Stephanie Leitl
Reboot written by Rachel Horder
Freeman’s Men written by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
Deadbeat Symphony written by Karan Talwar
Don written by Alberto Battistutti

Best Television Pilot

Grand Prize Award 

WEEKDAYS JESSIE written by Diana Bespalova

Second Place 

DOMMES written by Richard Sloggett

Third Place 
Home to Kill written by Emily Fairweather
Fourth Place
Casanova's Poetry Club written by Valerio Viale
Fifth Place
My Mum the Shaman written by Nathan Feldman

Official Finalists

Novel Endings written by Christine Bendorf
Blossom Street written by Stephen Cottage
Second Exodus written by Richie Cunningham
Web Tethered - Pilot written by David Garrett