There are many film festivals out there which can give you the opportunity to showcase your movies on an international platform. You can submit your work here and get recognised for the right reasons. If your films manage to get selected, there is a chance that you win a competition and have a good film career. Here are some UK film festivals which can give you the chances you are looking for.

New Renaissance Film Festival

This is a film festival for all the up and coming movies which takes place on August 20. This is one stage for filmmakers who can also strengthen the film community in London. This is also one festival which can make sure that you have the right kind of audience that too, with the help of social media.

UK Film Festival

This is a week-long festival which kicks starts from the month of November. This is one film festival where some of the greatest films seek their workings. This is considered to be a very prestigious platform. If you movie is screened in here your work should have the magic that can catch people’s eyes.

Leeds Film Festival

Leeds film festival takes place to form November 3 to 17. This festival was founded in the year 1987, where a dynamic event with the reputation of having the right challenges and innovative programmes. In recent years the LIFF have presented a huge variety of exceptional films of over 300 screening and events that too at over 16 venues. This platform is also one of the qualifications that is required to be qualified for both the Academy and BAFTA awards.

Crystal Palace International Film Festival

The CPIFF is one film festival which only allows only the highest quality films to screen in some funky venues with just the best food and drink. They produce one heck of a night which can help can them ensure that you have a very social evening with them.

Norwich Film Festival

If you have a short film that you would like to show and are trying to deliver inspiring events which can keep them bold and imaginative. They have some of the best methods of storytelling and hope which can help encounter with the new up and coming filmmakers.

Birmingham Film Festival

This one of the best film festival which can help ensure that you have the best venue for screening, events and awards. Filmmakers from all around the world come here to enjoy and feel excited about the world of film. This is one event where Birmingham is decorated to look its most glamorous self.