One of the best way to chill on your weekends to get a comedy movie and get your couch ready for a binge. 2019 has proven to be a crazy year for comedy movies which can make sure that you have a good time. Here are some comedy movies of 2019 which has proven to give you some laugh and giggles.

What Men Want

This is one of the funniest remake of the Mel Gibson Comedy. This movie starts Taraji P.Henson, who is working in the men dominated the sports industry as an agent and is always overlooked by her men counterparts. As an agent, she is passed on to be promoted when she deserved to be. This movie has a string of events which leads to one and other from psychic to random magic liquid which allows here to read men’s thoughts. The movie is about how this power turned everything into a nightmare and how power as such can be destructive to oneself as well.

Isn’t It Romantic

This is a take on every romantic comedy ever made. This is a refreshing movie which stars Rebel Wilson and Priyanka Chopra a good female-driven comedy. The story revolves around the Rebel’s character waking up in Romantic Comedy, and she has to figure out the things that are happening around here and get going to reach the goal.

The Beach Bum

This is one movie that every stoner will enjoy this is a saga which follows Poet Moondog starring Matthew McConaughey where he is trying to attempts to finish his novel. This movie has a very idiotic premise, but the movie has the right kind of cast which can keep you engaged from characters of Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, etc. If you are opting for this film, you are going to be on a wild and entertaining ride.


This is one of the best comedy superhero movies which makes you want to go back to your childhood. This is a movie which revolves around a teenager who has a superpower which turns into an adult-sized superhero with a lot of powers. This is one of the best movies that can get some action and a whole lot of comedy which can get you through the day.


This is a movie of a High Profile, no-nonsense boss, who transforms into her 13-year self just before the biggest presentation of life. This is where the assistant who has to help ensure that everything is put in the right place until it is too late. This one movie which will help you reflect on the things that you miss up on after growing and getting involved in getting bills paid.